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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quest: Beyond the 28 Days

Brian Swimme on Being Authentic

What a joy it was to visit everyone's blogs yesterday as we began the process of closing the circle. This has been a very special time with an extraordinary group. We are all changed for having shared this adventure. This journey has been a blessing. Each of you is a blessing.

As we close our circle, Denise invites us to embark on a Quest. Through the elements of air, water, fire and earth, we have cleared and cleansed and emptied our hearts into the words and pictures we've shared with each other. Now is the time to give ourselves the opportunity to hear the voice of our hearts, our spirits and the Universe. Now is the time to listen.

And I invite you to take this last day to celebrate your self, to acknowledge what you've learned or how you've shown up or what you've taken a stand for. You are here on the final day for a reason. And without doubt part of that reason is to celebrate! Share whatever stirs inside you, waiting to be said, any last words that will bring closure.

You are beautiful, my friends.



Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 28: A Circle of Love

Today is the last official day of the Soul Coaching Program, and it closes so fittingly with a circle of love. Over the past month we have built such a circle, a circle of powerful, sensitive, creative souls dancing together, shifting inside and out. I have felt the love every day. I know that each of us is different for having experienced this month and for sharing it with each other. Each of us is richer because each of us was here.

Let's take today to celebrate this month of Soul Coaching. And tomorrow let's return, sharing and imaging what's next and beyond.

With love,


Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 27: Creating a Fabulous Future

As I thought of what I wanted to say today, I realized it was exactly what Denise started this chapter with:

"You have spent time during this program clearing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual clutter to make it easier to hear the messages from your soul. Today you have the opportunity to begin to manifest a future that will nourish your soul."

What are you going to plant in the gorgeous earth you've prepared?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 26: A Home for the Soul

photo by Petra

As we approach the end of our month together, it's interesting that we're focusing on a sense of home. Denise says that one of the things the soul needs in a home is a sense of belonging. She identifies that as being connected to a sense of place. I'm hoping that it's also being connected to a sense of space. Cyberspace, that is.
It is my hope that on this journey we've embarked on together, that each and every one of you, whether you have participated for 1 day or ever day, feels like you belong.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 25: Awakening the Natural Forces within You

photo by Megg

So far in Earth Week we've focused on our bodies. Today we broaden our attention to the powers of nature. Denise asks us to take note of our own rhythms, to the rhythms of the natural world around us and to notice the relationship between the two. I know in my life I have been healthiest, happiest and most productive when I have worked with my natural rhythms instead of against them.

What do you know about your natural rhythm?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 24: Using the Physiology of Your Body

The way we carry our bodies tells a story. What story is your body telling today?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 23: Body Detox

I'm so glad that Dawn submitted this photo. It inspired me to think about the relationship between our bodies and nature. In today's context, it was a great reminder that detoxing is a natural process. Our bodies are designed to take in sustenance, to make use of nutrients and then to release whatever we don't use. This is the natural way of things. Supporting our bodies in doing what they are designed to do is a sure way to enhance our energy and our life.

Today as you start releasing toxins, imagine your body filling up with vitality in its stead. You are coming alive!