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Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 23: Body Detox

I'm so glad that Dawn submitted this photo. It inspired me to think about the relationship between our bodies and nature. In today's context, it was a great reminder that detoxing is a natural process. Our bodies are designed to take in sustenance, to make use of nutrients and then to release whatever we don't use. This is the natural way of things. Supporting our bodies in doing what they are designed to do is a sure way to enhance our energy and our life.

Today as you start releasing toxins, imagine your body filling up with vitality in its stead. You are coming alive!


Kriebels en Krabbels said...

Have you ever visited earthshots? Please do, there is so much beauty to see:


miss*R said...

funny thing is that I just posted that I feel so alive and find Jamie has written similar here!

Turtleheart said...

Beautiful, beautiful photo! Thanks, Dawn!

You know, I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that Earth week is going to be my most difficult. Not used to dealing with the physical realm.

Aurora said...

Hi Everyone--ell, I knew this would happen--I will be reading the Soul Coaching book and so on--but not posting at all for the last week ;-( due to physically moving 695 miles from Oakland, Ca to Portland, Or---I may be able to check my e-mail, but not post to my blog--so good bye (for now) and thanks for everything...

and Happy Thanksgiving to you all

Dia said...

Oh, I'm loving this week so far - I'm a virgo, with Taurus moon, so earth, baby! & already in tune with a lot of this - but can do with a nudge! lol
Love the tree photo - grounding!

Anonymous said...

Happy Detoxing everyone! Pamper yourselves silly. I know I will.