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Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 16: Taking Risks

The level 1 for today totally rocks. Are you ready for it? Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to have fun! Imagine! What if you gave yourself that assignment every day? What would your life be like? What would be different? Anything?

Denise also recommends that we make take a risk today, do something surprising, make a change. As I read Denise's words, I was reminded of an article I wrote for the Wish Studio Blogzine about changing things up.

Here are some ways to shake things up to wake things up:

  • If you normally don’t, say “hello” first
  • Browse a section of the library or bookstore you’ve never been in
  • Brush your teeth or tie your shoes with your non-dominant hand
  • Change the part in your hair
  • Listen to a different radio station
  • Wear a colour you never wear
  • Order something different
  • Take a new route home
  • Wear that outfit you’ve been saving
  • Dance while you do the dishes

How are you going to play today? What are you going to do to wake up your fiery spirit?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't think I have ever been the first to leave a comment. It seems today is already a great day for new routines and fun. I hope all of you have a ball today! I know I will.

Caroline said...

I had a big Aha! moment yesterday...I am looking forward to today and having some fun :)

Anonymous said...

It has been a physical effot trying to get blogs posted! But it finally worked again today. I can't wait to visit everyone's blogs!

Anonymous said...

That picture is AWESOME!

Aurora said...

I sure am having a hard time getting into the fire week--for some reason this does not resonate with me--so no blog posts on this week, yet....just coasting..reading the book...

Dia said...

Yea, the Soul Coaching BOOK arrived!! So now I can read along with the rest of you :) Also got Seena Frost's 'SoulCollage' & Tolle's 'New Earth' (for a bookgroup) . . . so a bit of catching up to do!

I had fun helping at my youngest grand daugher's playschool this AM (drawing from that on my 'creationstation' blog) & oo la la; a trip with my dau & grandkids to the swimming pool this PM.

& tho I'm an Earth sign (Virgo) I have Venus in Leo & a few things in Sag :)

angela said...

oh... am i ever so glad i stumbled across this blog... and you!

how wonderful. how truely wonderful.

and this just made me smile, because this is so true to what my past days have been.

i just read this list for the first time and realised, that without even knowing it, i've been taking a risk and shaking things up...

If you normally don’t, say “hello” first (i did! i did!)

Change the part in your hair (it simply happened. for the first time in oh some 25 years, i went from one side to the other. waking up one morning and simply saying... let's give this a try!)

Listen to a different radio station ( i had to do this for matters of the heart. it was a big step, a big leap. and a part of that letting go...)

Order something different (that i did too!)

Take a new route home (you've inspired me for something to do tomorrow...)

Oh thank you!