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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 28: A Circle of Love

Today is the last official day of the Soul Coaching Program, and it closes so fittingly with a circle of love. Over the past month we have built such a circle, a circle of powerful, sensitive, creative souls dancing together, shifting inside and out. I have felt the love every day. I know that each of us is different for having experienced this month and for sharing it with each other. Each of us is richer because each of us was here.

Let's take today to celebrate this month of Soul Coaching. And tomorrow let's return, sharing and imaging what's next and beyond.

With love,



Genie Sea said...

We have come together in our circle and have filled the world with rejoicing.

Blessed be :)

Kavindra said...

I've been away for the holiday, but I couldn't miss our final day.
Thanks to absolutely everyone of you. You have all taught me so much, I cannot believe the wisdom and sometimes the amazing light of honesty in your words.

Those who have given me personally their kind words and advice and love - oh, where would this world, my world, be without you?

And Jamie - thank you so much for the extra effort and the wisdom and the guidance. If I ever move to Canada, I am your client for life.

Big kiss and love

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for putting this journey together for us! I look forward to seeing you in January!!

Anonymous said...

This was an amazing experience! It was great to meet everyone and share our lives and inspiration. I know all you will go on to see your dreams fulfilled and I hope to continue to read about them. Jamie, you are amazing and I can't thank you enough for your guidance throughout this journey. I am looking forward to Jan!

Danette said...

What a blast! Thank you Jamie, and to everyone who joined in this circle.

Dia said...

Love the circle of stones!! A favorite practice of mine :)

Blessings on all, & see you in Jan (OK, I'm sure I'll check in individually before that!!)

Aurora said...

I have been on the road and then celebrating my thanks with family--but I wanted to say goodbye to everyone here and thank you for the the month of sharing...with a special appreciation to Jamie for doing this for us all...
go in peace,