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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 25: Awakening the Natural Forces within You

photo by Megg

So far in Earth Week we've focused on our bodies. Today we broaden our attention to the powers of nature. Denise asks us to take note of our own rhythms, to the rhythms of the natural world around us and to notice the relationship between the two. I know in my life I have been healthiest, happiest and most productive when I have worked with my natural rhythms instead of against them.

What do you know about your natural rhythm?


miss*R said...

ooh I had an odd day.. but thanks to Sweet Suzie, I got through... and count me in for the january book!! I will be a way but will do it as much as i can.. Jamie you are simply delicious for doing this. You are helping so many, many of us to connect with ourselves. And also helping us all to connect all over the world.. healing the Earth with our love... I have made new friends - thankyou and a big blessing to you ! xo

Judi said...

Oh yes! Thank you in bunches - met lots of new friends and learned a whole lot.

Jamie said...

It has been my honour and my pleasure. What a beautiful circle has been created! Every single one of you is a treasure.

Dia said...

Love this day, love the week!! The sun is shining (always a blessing in the fall/winter in Western Oregon! Tho, of course, we need the rain) I share a wonderful wonderful land clearing exercise I use on my blog - do stop by!!

& yes - I'd loke to be in on the Jan book - prob good to be 'weekly-' but this is so great! thanks Jamie; thank you all

Anonymous said...

I love this picture Megg!

creativehealinggoddess said...

Count me in too for the January book club too Jamie.